Welcome to Objekty

Home objects, table ware and accessories from Ukraine

A store that specialises in beautiful objects from Ukraine. All our pieces are handmade by Ukrainian designers. This new generation of dynamic creators knows exactly how to combine traditional Ukrainian techniques, materials and motifs with contemporary ideas and impressions from international design trends. The result is a stunning display of unique objects, cutting-edge design and exquisite textiles for your home.

About me

I’m Oksana Senyczak and I was born in Belgium of Ukrainian parents. In the course of my frequent visits to Ukraine, I developed a strong bond with this captivating land of my forefathers. I also discovered a generation of young, passionate, gifted interior designers and manufacturers. Having always loved fashion, new trends, interior design and innovative lifestyle concepts, I was inspired to open a small store to bring these beautiful objects to Belgium and share them with you.

With ObjЄkty, I want to shine a light on Ukraine and show you there’s more to this fascinating country than what you see and read in the media. You’re welcome to drop in and take a look at some selected pieces wrought by the latest Ukrainian talent.

See you soon!

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